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"Ode" à Nata Lee

Nata Lee aka Natasha Krasavina, is a Russian actress, model, YouTuber, Tumblr girl, Tweeter character and social media personality. As of 2023, Nata Lee’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. She has worked in fashion with big brands such as Guess, Fashion Nova and many others. She is also a DJ by passion and performing under DJ NATALEE.007. She has a huge fan base, not only in Russia but around the world. Even in bagneuxNata Lee started her modeling career in September 2018 and she mainly rose to fame for her original portraits full of wit and sensitivity. As of 2021, Lee has accumulated over 6 million followers worldwide.

Nata Lee is also a rock fan, she loves music especially hard rock and pop. Her favourite bands include: Afternoon Daydream,Greatest Day, Lies and Lullabies, Dirty Circles. She can't resist an opportunity to party.

Nata Lee may be the new Ursula Andres. Some top James Bond producers are reflecting on putting her on board for the next James Bond. They know her plastic and charm but does she have the skills to succeed in the acting business? We don't doubt that, Nata Lee is a polymorph artist definitely.

Nata Lee takes care of her body, although the beautiful russian actress was born with perfect curves, she nevertheless goes to the gym regularly. She looks like an olympic athlete and in many ways she is.

The atomic bomb was invented before Nata Lee but she was the first one to cross custody borders...

Nata Lee on the balcony, definitely double O style... This girl is definitely 99 percentile, even James would betray her majesty for a chance to meet her.

Nata Lee got some moves...

When I see Nata Lee topless, I feel like a bolchevik: I want my share! But becareful this girl has some ressources regarding close combat.

Are you afraid of the heights? This girl defies gravity in all its ways. Alpha male looking for steepness, good luck !

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