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Memory of a Hitman :"C'est toujours comme ça la vie? Toujours !

A "hitman" typically refers to a professional assassin hired to carry out a targeted killing, often for monetary gain. Hitmen are usually employed by individuals or organizations to eliminate specific targets discreetly and efficiently. They are known for their skills in covert operations, surveillance, and the use of various weapons to accomplish their missions. The term "hitman" is derived from the notion of someone being "hit" or targeted for elimination. Hitmen operate in the shadows and are often associated with organized crime, though they can also be freelance operatives hired for a variety of reasons beyond criminal activities. (Chat GPT)

A "crime syndicate" refers to a structured and organized group involved in criminal activities, often operating across multiple regions or even internationally. Crime syndicates are characterized by hierarchical structures, division of labor, and systematic approaches to conducting illegal operations. These operations can include activities such as drug trafficking, arms smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, money laundering, racketeering, and other illicit endeavors.
Key features of crime syndicates include:
Hierarchy: Crime syndicates typically have a hierarchical structure, with leaders at the top who oversee operations, make strategic decisions, and enforce discipline. Beneath them are various tiers of members, including lieutenants, enforcers, and associates.
Division of Labor: Different members of a crime syndicate are assigned specific roles and responsibilities based on their skills, expertise, and connections. This division of labor allows syndicates to efficiently carry out various criminal activities.
Profit Motive: The primary goal of crime syndicates is to generate profit through illegal means. They often exploit vulnerabilities in legal systems and economies to maximize their financial gains.
Secrecy and Security: Crime syndicates operate clandestinely to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies. They employ measures such as encrypted communication, bribery, intimidation, and violence to protect their operations and members.
International Operations: Many crime syndicates have global reach, engaging in transnational criminal activities across borders. They may establish networks and alliances with other criminal organizations to facilitate their operations.
Crime syndicates pose significant challenges to law enforcement agencies and governments worldwide due to their sophisticated operations, financial resources, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Efforts to combat crime syndicates often involve coordinated law enforcement actions, international cooperation, intelligence gathering, and legislative measures aimed at disrupting their activities and dismantling their organizational structures.
(Chat GPT)

"Plus on gagne en expérience et plus on s'approche de la cible." (AC to BC)

Everyone at some point in his life felt like killing someone, guess what? It is rarely his best idea.

I am the face of death.

I break bones for a living, sometimes organs... but that is more expensive.

Impossible shot, impossible reward...

"God is closer than you are from your jugular."

"Too legit to quit!"

Many can kill, few can make it look like an accident.

Kill or let live, is the ultimate philosophical decision.

Humans are made of flesh and bones, a soul is optional.

There is no metric to measure courage but there is one for perfection.

Some are hurry to live, some are hurry to die but I always come at the right time for them to go.

I have won the Darwin Awards* 3 times in a row.
*The "Darwin Awards" are a tongue-in-cheek honor given to individuals who have died or rendered themselves unable to reproduce due to their own foolish, reckless, or absurd actions. The concept of the Darwin Awards is based on the idea of natural selection, named after Charles Darwin, the biologist who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection.

People are dog food, truth, wolves don't eat them, they prefer dogs to eat.

People despite the truth, to be honest it is rarely enjoyable to hear the truth one has not found by himself first. That is too much time wasted.

My ambition is not to live long but to live for glory and glory has wings to fly.

Ordinal values, cardinal utility, period.

I have never seen someone bleeding anything but red ,truth is, it tastes like iron inside the mouth.

I am on top of the chain food and we are all carnivor up there, grow a pair and buy a gun !

Humanity is regulated by men of values not by prayers.

One day I will end up meeting the devil, but it will probably be a mistake from my part that will make him appear.

No one brags about killing someone, even deemed untouchable, but we all leave our signature.

You know what an hitman does on vacacion? He is killing some time...

An eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth, a bullet for a bullet and a tomb for a tomb but cursed is the one who does not understand it is better to start with the tomb and end with the eye.

I don't use the same weapon two times in a row without turning sentimental.

Whoever pay me is the syndicate, whoever dies is the renegate.

Dying people have nothing deep to say, but for sure they always have someting deep to regret.

Never kill someone using circonstances but using its habits.

I have borrowed its smile to the Buddha and its sacrificial acumen to Jesus.

No one kills for pleasure but no one kills disgusted.

Pain is everywhere except in the sorrow of an unknwon death.

Whoever conquer its fears, conquer the world.

It is not easy to consider how our civilisation is fragile and our lives insignificant.

I don't torture people, I just switch them off.

Whenever Mister Tombstone knocks at your door, smile, at least the coroner will be happy to see you.

Enlightment comes at a price and it is always high in a society made for sheeps.

Wathever you think I am, I am... but at the last moment, I am who I am ; not who you think I was.

Thinking about failing, is already failing but success is not death, success is discretion.

Come say hello to my little friend, he is a bit shy with far away people.

In my religion death is a God, and it has no counterpart for the living.

I'm a noble man surrounded by people who lost their mind.

We have a code of honour, I am not sure about who respect it but one thing is for sure: it simplifies work.

Don't panic it was all a dream, now it is time to rest.

If I had to choose between Adam or Eve I would probably ask for the price tag to the snake and would not consider the future of humanity.

Chaos is chaos and chaos is my therapy.

I have no mercy for those who beg but I consider those who counterbid. Life is never a long term relationship.

In the end the hardest thing to do is smile especially with a few missing teeth.

The farther you are from your target, the closer you are from terror.

An hit will never change the world but we act before it has to be this way.

We don't live in a society of consumption but of destruction and we destroy wathever is valuable and rare to make room for whatever is necessary.

In another life I would have been a poet, in this one I am only a screenwriter.

Beyond good and evil there is always something to do for yourself.

I got my best hits as a waiter and my worsts as a bodyguard.

The best hitman is always the last hitman to enter the business but he rarely remain the best for long.

Killing someone is just like buying a new pair of shoes, you feel guilty right after that because you did not really need to.

The future belongs to sociopaths.

When you have only one bullet left, use it against yourself.

It take a few years to see the whole business at its feet and a few seconds with its head when one is at its top.

Only one rule remains in the Jungle, surviving is the only morale.

I would kill a blind man for his tooth brush.

I am a lost pen in the hands of an illiterate.

The holy blood of Shiva is running through my veins.

For many missionary is just a sexual postion, to me it is an act of bravery.

My account in the Caiman is filled with your blood and tears.

When I am on a hunt, time and space collapse to one single name.

The dopamin shot before bloodshed is worth all the money left on the table.

Hell is a lonely place to live in but the only place to grow.

I am part of a bigger plan than god or the devil itself could understand.

God is not only the one to trust, it is most of all the one to fear.

Truth is, no one will cry for you.

Wherever there is a price, there are interests and interests do not cope with morale but only reality.

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